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Final Fantasy XII models

Carlos El Guapo

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I think being able to do this isn't the problem, it's rather wanting to do it :/ I took a look at the data you provided and it's very complete, it could be converted to common formats to be worked with quite easily (using a FFXII model viewer such as Noesis which I use).

However, given that FFXII is already a bit older, the models and especially the textures are EXTREMELY low-resolution - most of the textures are even smaller than the smallest vanilla texture in Skyrim. Which is understandable considering that there's a huge difference between the PlayStation 2's hardware capabilites and those of a modern PC.

For me, personally, it simply wouldn't be worth the trouble converting that stuff unless someone would consider retexturing it to at least 1k, but as lovely as FFXII may be, I really don't think anyone is up to that.


Besides, if it's just the Judge armors you're interested in, I think someone here on LL already converted one of them on request. I clearly remember seeing a post about it, just search for a bit.


EDIT: Found it, here ya go http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36243-ffxii-judge-noah-armor/

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