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[Request] Zero Suit Samus Outfit


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I personally like Samus, and her Zero Suit is just really sexy.




So I searched for mods. I could not find what I wanted on the Nexus, on the Steam Workshop just Samus in her normal Suits (like Varia Suit, etc.), and not even a Samus Zero Suit on Google. Why did no one ever make such an Outfit? I mean... wouldn't this Outfit just look great witch BBP/TBBP?

And whoever will do this will be a goat!

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If you can't find any zero suit samus mods out their you haven't tried hard enough.


I'm personally more interesting at how natural Samus looks when she poses. Unlike the horrid noodle arms, odd leg joints, and stretching necks you see in Skyrim, Samus' movements looks actually human.

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Any ideas where I could find such a mod? Or just any ideas what to search (anything specific)? Maybe I'm just too stupid to find it. But all that I found where just some latex outfits.

Interesting, I agree to that. But I don't think there will be a mod with animations like Samus has. Well, if we are honest, there are just 2 types of animations for skyrim: the super athletic ones which will make your character look like he's a badass that gets all the bitches, and the sexy ones.

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But I don't think there will be a mod with animations like Samus has


Although not necessarily the animation, true. 


I've had this mod for quite sometime, wish someone could add bbp to it. Would anyone be willing?

I'm surprised that there is still someone using bbp.

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