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What do the different skeletons and acronyms mean?


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Heya heya. I have created this thread because I wish to know more about skeletons. I had a look at the Skeletons section on the Schlongs of Skyrim page and am a little confused. I've seen that different skeletons have different proportions, but that's all I really know ._.


What I'm wondering is how exactly do skeletons differ from each other. What do acronyms like "XPMS", "XP32", and "SMS" mean? Are some skeletons inherently better than others?


Thanks for your helpsies c:

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XP32 = retired modder who made a skeleton and some animation mods.


XPMS = XP32's Maximum Skeleton


No idea what SMS is.


Yes some skeletons are better than others (very few people understand the full layout of a skeleton.nif's and their HKX files.)

Look for trusted authors like Groovtama, Skulltyrant etc...

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