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How do you create paired animations and set them up in-game?


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Ok, so I'm a bit new here. I'm working on a Strip Club mod for Fallout New Vegas and I need to know how to create paired animations and how to set them up in game. I understand how to animate in Blender and I have created a few basic animations and I know how to animate static meshes such as doors/signs/lights. But I need to know how set up a paired animation.


1. Do you import two skeletons and two bodies, animated them and export it all as one animation? Or do you create two separate animations, one for each character and export it? How do you get two NPC's to animate with each other in-game? With scripting I assume but do you need to set up a quest for it?


What I'm looking for is some headway here as a beginner in the area of character/adult animations. I know how to script doors, triggers, lights, AI packages, timers, sequences... etc but I've never really tried it with animations.


Some example scripts/animations would be helpful. I use Blender by the way. Thanks!


BTW, don't need any basic info on how to create the animation, just how to set it up and how to export it and set up scripts for it in-game.


I'll ask the other questions later as I'm doing it, as I have a basic knowledge of how to create/export basic animations.

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NV animations don't work that way, though skyrim has support for stuff like that.


In FO3 and FONV you do your normal blender thing, but export two different animations, one per actor (skeleton). These can then be assigned automatically through pickidle as sexout does it, or they can be commanded to play instantly with playidle.


In either case, you need to make two new animations (.kf files), and two new animation entries in the idle animations editor in the GECK.

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You can *create* the animations as one set with both actors, in blender. When you *export* them to .kf files, you need one file per actor, and you only export the movements for that actors skeleton.


Pickidle and Playidle are scripting commands. Pickidle causes the actor to run through the full idle animations list in the game and pick the first one they match; if they have sexout tokens for animation, it will be a sexout animation, otherwise it will be something else.


Playidle is the command to play a specific idle by name.

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