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bound to a wheel - SD or CD?

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Every time I get defeated, I wind up naked stuck to a wheel, with nothing to do but wait for some 'Master' to let me go with a more portable restraint -- if that Master hasn't been killed by the time I come to, if not sooner. I imagine even if I got a thrill out of playing Distressed Heroine or James Bondage, I would still get pretty bored with the lack of gameplay going on here.


I'm not sure if it's Sanguine's Debauchery or Captured Dreams that's doing this. I really like both of these mods, but there's got to be some way to turn off this feature. I don't much like losing, but I got daymoyl and Defeat to potentially replace a kneejerk reach for the F9 key with some variety of encounters and unique challenges. Whatever is doing this is completely undercutting that with one sequence that doesn't reliably proceed as intended.

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If you want to use multiple mods that come into play when you are defeated you need to set different points when they will start. I have used both Submit and daymoyl and set Submit to kick in at about 5% health with an 80% chance to trigger, if it didn't then daymoyl usually would. Now I use Defeat instead set up the same way and Defeat can trigger first, if it doesn't then the other does.

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It all depends on when the events are triggered as to the order they will start though it is possible to trigger multiple if the hit takes you below multiple thresholds at once. If multiple do trigger (which is what happened to you) as you can see some don't work well with others.

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