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[Help] Please? Some HDT headscratching...


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Let me do this by going through my history with trying to sort this out:


Installed stuff: CBBE HDT body, Bodyslide 2.1a, HDT Body sliders 1.4.7 (seemed the most recommended), XPMSE 2.06, HDT 14.28


I also have CT77's Remodelled Armor (so nice), and set my bodyslide preset to a slighty tweaked version of CT77's shape. Also some HDT hair, which work just fine (consistently).


Right, all that done, after a little work I did HDT to work, even with collision. I got this by using pclp2014's esm + 3 esp version, and a simple default xml that I found back in June, can't remember where, but the zip file is named "HDT Standard - With collision-54044-v1-4". Oh, and a hdtm I ripped out of Minou's files.


Awesome! Working HDT; bouncing bewbies, collision, swinging dicks and swaying hair! Woohoo! Skyrim was running nice and smooth too! Recent PC upgrades FTW!


Then, Disaster! strikes: nothing performance related, but strange, strange jaggies popping up during SexLab animations. Belly sticking out like a blade, and I have also noticed odd bits on Devious Devices thigh cuffs. Only on females, though, not on males. Happens naked, so it's not because of CT77's outfits.


Can't have the nice sexy stuff in my beautiful (and heavily modded) Skyrim! So I set about trying to fix it.


I poured through the readmes and forums, from CT77's all the way to so many posts here I can't even begin to remember them all. In the process I've:

  • learned about Just for Fun and how to use it
  • found out how to fix my huge framerate drop (from 60 down to 5 :@ ) by renaming NPC PreBelly to HDT Belly
  • learned how to adjust the xml with JFF constraints to try to fix the belly problem
  • juggled HDT plugins trying to sort things out...
  • Daiemonic's HDT setup works well, and it's all from one source, with several variations, which helped me test things


Still, can't get things to quite come together. Here's my conundrum:


xml without belly = bounce, but no belly node to adjust, and xml with belly = no bounce at all.


So, I can't get any kind of bounce or HDT on the body (hair always still fine) with any xml that includes a belly, but I need a belly in order to fix the jaggies I'm seeing, right?


Help, please? I'm at my wits end. Is there some other thing going on with these jaggies that I've missed?


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HDT Body sliders 1.4.7 (seemed the most recommended)


What are those?


To get HDT breast bounce and belly bounce, simple merge them together in 1 file.

Then point your hdt havok object, or mesh to that xml file.


I meant HDT BodySlide 1.4.7, which, I believe, are yours, blabba?


I chose that one over 1.5 because a couple different things here specifically mentioned 1.4.7. The HDT conversion I'm using for DD, for example: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1236-devious-devices-devious-expansion-for-bodyslide2-hdt-preg-by-rustyxxl/


As I say in the OP, I CAN get HDT to work. What I can't do is get a working one with a belly, even when it's supposed to be all done, like Daiemonic's xmls. I don't even really care about that, and I'd be happy to play with one without a belly bone, but I think the main problem I'm having needs to be fixed there.


Or maybe not, maybe the problem can't be related to the belly bone, because without one in the hdtPhysicsExtensionDefaultBBP.xml I do have both working HDT bounce and collision.


Either way, the core problem I'm trying to solve persists:


Even with my hdt havok object and xml all from the same source, like Daiemonic's collection, I have the same problem with 'stretched' texture, pulling my characters 'skin' out almost perpendicular to her body. That's what I need help with!



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I don't understand your problem here.


You say you have it all working but are experiencing texture stretching?


Maybe a Screenshot of your problem is warranted to better understand.


Yeah, I thought of that too. Here's a shot taken from a game with working HDT and collision and slightly reduced in size for convenience. No belly in the xml (which is why HDT is working, I think). The stockings are an overlay via racemenu, so my character is naked save for the amulet. No outfit to mess things up.



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I don't see anything belly related in the xml when I open it with JFF. Also, I get the exact same result when I switch back to the vanilla 14.28 xml. Boobs bounce, belly goes freaky. That's why I'm persuing this here, in the general HDT forum, instead of in the appropriate support thread.


Could there be any benefit to trying HDT BodySlide 1.5, or the previous XPMS skeleton?


My only other thought is to yank out everything Body and HDT related, hunt and peck to get every last file, and just reinstall them. Since that would be incredibly tedious and may very well not work, I wanted to explore other avenues first.

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So, like always, shortly after asking for help I went and fixed it myself. That's no comment on anyone here, just an observation of something I've found all throughout my life. Watched pots, and all that.


I think it's something about organizing my requests for help that helps get me thinking along fresh lines again, so I decided to try reinstalling just Bodyslide 2.1a (got the seperate version because CT77 told me to in the notes for the remodelled armor) and all the stuff I had in there. Somehow, I'd managed to not overwrite two little files: belly.bsd and thighs.bsd


When I was experiencing that error I had the files from Cal's BodySlide 2.1a, now with the ones from you wonderful mod, blabba, HDT BodySlide 1.4.7, in the right place, I finally have collision, bouncy bewbs and no freaky stretching! woohoo! :D

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