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Champions Online Nude Mod new


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Screenshots here

New Nude mod for Champions Online,
Nipple color is based on skin tone, but shaded darker with some slight red added, so it should always stand out from your skin tone, Same with the vagina, To use the Vagina however you must have the diffuse set to basic, or it wont show.

No I wont do requests, I may or may not update this as i get free time but it will be stuff i want to do :P

Download here


Extract to Perfect World Entertainment\Champions Online_en\Champions Online\Live\localdata

should have a Texture_Library Folder inside Localdata if done right.

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Does this mod fix the problem the older one had where the muscle tone slider didn't do anything?  That always really annoyed me, but it looks like i'll have to reinstall the whole game to change to the new one, and I'd rather not if it won't do any good. 


That said, I like the looks of this, and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it fixed the muscle tone problem.

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If it's anything like the old City of Heroes nude mod it replaces a standard costume top and bottom so in game you look like you have that top and bottom on to others but for you anyone who has those costume pieces looks nude


That appears to be the case. It seems to remove all bikini tops and many briefs from sin & cloth/leather/metal textures.


I find it's not a particularly useful nude mod. Everyone knows CO ERPers prefer to use the Tights/Solid Color for pretend nudity, and this mod doesn't actually give that one a good nude appearance.

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