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[IDEA] XPMS and HDT horse collision when riding? Is that a thing?


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First off, this forum has been a great resource for many types of mods. I want to thank those guys that have put in dozens (hundreds?) of hours into everything on LL. You may know who you are, but you da real MVP. 


I was riding on my horse and noticed there is some serious clipping between my character's butt and the saddle. I was wondering if anybody has ever come across a mod for this or has heard of a project in development. I barely know how to use outfit studio and dont know how to approach something like this. 

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Use 3dsmax, get Havok Content Tools plugin for it.


Load the horse skeleton, maybe add a horse mesh as reference.


Model your collisions boxes via convex hull, do the tests and what not, profit.


I honestly think their is a probably better and more performance friendly solution to your problem, like say maybe just editing the animations or changing the rider offset from the horse etc...

But the havok method would work, it's just a lot more work.

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