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sims 4 nude skins update 4


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heres a remake of some skins, and i just did another but still in the works this 0ne only works with some body types enjoy


ok guys another try, looks way better, ok ty for the kind words im going to try better nips now .

these are just young an adult enjoy.



ok guys this is the best i can do with the nips any help would be great. enjoy


made by droft.7z


try 13.7z


young an adult 2.7z


young an adult 4.7z

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You are doing some good work here.  Once you change all of the skin textures I'm sure it will be pretty great stuff.  I take it you are modifying the texture more than just adding the sexual characteristics.  That is something I was not willing to take on, so more power to you.  Modifying the whole texture on all of the skin textures is much more difficult than just adding anatomical features to each skin.  Good luck with the skins!

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