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SL 1.59b (downloaded Sept 16'th) Compiler Error -> Expressions?


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Anyone run across an error trying to compile anything with the newest SL specifically with sslbaseexpression.psc and sslactoralias.psc?


I'm getting lots of errors like the following:

sslBaseExpression.psc(85,10): SetExpressionPhoneme is not a function or does not exist
sslBaseExpression.psc(93,10): ResetExpressionOverrides is not a function or does not exist
sslBaseExpression.psc(109,11): SetExpressionModifier is not a function or does not exist
for both scripts when compiling for something entirely unrelated.
I'm just wondering if maybe there is a new requirement for compiling stuff or if I somehow borked installing the updated SL.


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