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Collaboration Techniques


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Hi all,


Anyone have any experience of collaborating on a mod between several developers? What are the techniques?


Particularly, how do you merge the results of two esp files?


Or is the answer that only one person at a time works on any given ESP?


What other pitfalls are there that I should watch out for?


All suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Does this work for skyrim?



If it does you might be able to break your project down into modular chunks which you can then manage via revision/version control software.


I haven't found a version that says "for skyrim" yet. I don't know if the TES4 version will work. I suppose I should try it. Failing that' date=' TESSnip sounds like it could do much the same thing.


Certainly having some sort of revision control would be very useful.


Open the creation kit selecting the independent work esps. Do not set an active file. This will allow you create a new single esp containing all of the work data combined. Try testing it out with two simple mods first, and see if they combine.


Thanks, that seems to have worked. (I'll know better when I can remove the old actors without crashing the CK...)


So is it purely the active file that determines where changes go? And any and all alterations go end up in the file currently marked as active? I think I'm beginning to understand why dirty mods became so common at one time.



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