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Re-Equipping self-enchanted outfit/armor.


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I was wondering: Has anyone ever found a way to fix/work-around the issue where if you let a mod re-equip your armor for you (and if those armor pieces are enchanted by you) the enchantment effects won't apply on your character?


I know the simplest work-around is to simply re-equip everything yourself, manually, but is there maybe a mod out there I'm not aware of? or a fix to this?


Thanks in advance :)

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I use the skyui method, just put everything you want equipped in a hotkeyed slot and whenever you want to use that set of equipment just push the key and there you go


Oh so equipping self-enchanted armor pieces through the SkyUI Favorite menu's equip-sets actually works? :o Not sure why I never bothered to try lol. Thanks!

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