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[REQ] Blade & Soul mod Collection

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i'm trying to understand how to extract meshes/textures/whatever from the CB2 client i got in these days, unfortunately i don't have much free time and i got absolutely 0 experience with this kind of stuff.


Any sort of help would be appreciated^^



alas, i think some actual 3d modeling skill would be needed, because i really think that game's stuff won't ever be fitting any TES skeleton, B&S characters really have fucked up proportions (i love the style tho)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Really, really rough port of infernal. Yes, I work fast. (half of the time was figuring out which file was which in their awful numbering system)




Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a few more days since I have WAY too much to do now other than tinker with this stuff. Also, gotta add the emissivity shaders, etc.


(Does anyone know if I can manually move the bones in 3ds max to fix warping issues, or if I have to move the mesh instead to conform with the bones?)

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-A skinning redo. This took way more time than necessary.

-Hands work (except for minor artifacting, and looks funny in 1st person).

-Glow!! (looks even more awesome in game)

-Head clipping fixed




Some clipping and distortion issues I can't solve in a reasonable timeframe.

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By moving bones, do you mean moving the skeleton without any active Skin modifiers on the mesh? Making the bones line up with the mesh is by far the most annoying part of the process (skinning is relatively easy with the half dozen ways of copying, manipulating, etc weights).

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lol' date=' In Skyrim heads are much bigger, shorter legs and thicker bodies than BnS's.


Anyway, Can you scale the whole body to something like cbbe. :)



Took a quick look at trying that ... not good enough. (my trusted push/pull tools don't work here).


I can post my current progress if there are other 3D modelers on this thread.


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