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  1. Thank you Kashim for helping the Rynotis become Hell-like waepon that swing faster. BTW current Kef armor is beta. We are still in development. Here's what we are up to: I'm sorry Kashim, but 2/3 of your work are now in no uses.
  2. Finally, I present to you new armor mod. It's still Beta, so beware that.
  3. Definitely not. My nexus ID is the same as LL one. It is a shame... You should be the one to credit if the author is unknown cause I am pretty sure' date=' that "waterboyb" found it here as most of us did... You should release it on nexus with credit to 3DM and unknown author and best together with somebody, who is into animation (for the support and if you can not do it yourself)... These kind of idles are pretty popular... [/quote'] There was a reason why i shared this with Loverslab not nexus. And "waterboyb" wrote exactly same thing as I wrote in this thread.. After I re
  4. Sorry for delaying new updates.. The modder Hellomarie is gone missing before he finish to fix up the final mesh and I'm busy doing school works at da moments. Sorry for keep you waiting.
  5. Definitely not. My nexus ID is the same as LL one.
  6. I tested your retextures, Kashim. Honestly, It looks better thanks to you. And I think I'm going to add sharpening and rusty effect.
  7. Thanks for the hard works, Kashim. really appriciated.
  8. Thanks! Surely, I can get some assistances. If you are quite talented changing low-quility texture into high quility texture.. well, thanks anyway. Edit: It seems that the hiddne chest has been removed in new version of the armor.
  9. intriguing... I will concider to add that up. May i have the link of it? I cannot find the mod in Nexus.
  10. I'm currently working on new heavy armor mod retexture. Made by HelloMarie. Sadly, he gave quite unfinished textures. I think he is relying on my photoshop skill. [spoiler=screenshot]
  11. Humm.. Actually I have an armor mod for male by HelloMarie. I need to ask first.
  12. Man, this thread is left behind. btw I updated a new weapon mod. Just Check.
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