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Greathammer Mods


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Hey guys, does anyone know of some good mods that adds some good or at least more variety of greathammers to the game? Preferably some aesthetically good looking ones? My barbarian Siona needs more variety of hammers to use, and even Immersive Weapons that I already have adds mostly just blades. Seems all of the mods I've seen out there are only for blades or axes. No love for hammers it looks :(

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Ooh, definitely wouldn't have found this one because of it's name. Will definitely try this one out!



Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check some of these out as well, at least the ones that add greathammers or 2H ones.

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Here are a few mods which add War Hammers of various styles-


Power Armor(has a high tech war hammer included)-


Damascus Weapons(they technically count as war axes)-


Badass Hammer-


Dadric Skull Hammers-


Dread Knight Weapon set-


Lilith's Doom Bringer


Robert's Warhammer-


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