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Is there anyway to ensure animations always start with correct alignment?

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Sometimes the npc and player don't align correctly during the start of an animation. Is there anyway to ensure it never happens? Sometimes pressing the align button doesn't work and the characters stay misaligned.


I have advanced scripting knowledge, so I just need someone to shoot me some ideas and I'll look at the code.


I'm thinking an invisible marker needs to be moved beneath the player, once it's in position that marker can be used as a static positioning base for the animations.  Perhaps the marker can be set to not move SetDontMove() or something?


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.... Is there anyway to ensure it never happens? ...


No. Actors have collision box around them. Skyrim was designed so object bounce away from each other. Things like combat, you can't go through solid walls. Stuff like that.


You can try with TCL (toggle collisions). But it's "global", so it effects everything. Ugly side effects.


To bypass this collision box, SL framework uses "bugged" function, TranslateTo (SplineTranslateTo actually). Function moves/rotates object to some point. The "buggy" part is that objects collision box doesn't work *while* object is moving. So you set TranslaTo to move/rotate object by a very small amount and very slowly (function has "speed" parameter) so that moving/rotating is not visible, but object never really gets where it's supose to go.


You can poke around the code. Search for "move", "translate". If you call this function more often, animating actors may align better. Or not. I tried. In some cases its better, in some cases worse. YMMV.


Proper way to fix this would be to get Skyrims full source code and then add "TCL per actor". Somehow I think will never see that (the source code).


By the way. SetDontMove doesn't work OK with Player. Its works, but mouse/controls stop working. Hmm, "works" is not a proper word. It's not really "set don't move". More like "set move less, but can still move from time to time or just becuse".

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