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Making frostfall and iNeed a mod requirement.


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I'm going to being releasing a voiced adult companion mod soon.  Immersion is a huge factor in the mod.  The companion takes frostfall & ineed factors into consideration. Here is the big question.


Would you guys install frostfall and ineed to make an adult mod work?

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From all the basic-needs-mods I have seen so far I liked iNeed the most. Not only because it is very simple yet effective in what it does, but it also has a quite a few nice options to accommodate everyone's flavour.

Frostfall on the other hand sounds would make my game incredibly thrilling. Thrilling in a way, that my cursed bondage kept me from protecting my kidneys from cold. I have yet to decide whether I want my game to be this unforgiving.


Still, to answer your question: Neither Frostfall nor iNeed are too much of a requirement to keep me from using your mod. If is of my liking and well made, that is.



P.S.: I love your decision to get yourself some information before releasing anything. Of course it is dependent on your intention, but if I were to thank a community by giving something back to it, I'd first take a look at what they want and like, just like you did. ♥

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Personally i've been using needs mods for a while now. Not ineed but well, it wouldn't be that hard to convince me to change to enjoy a fun mod.


For frostfall if i have to be honest - i always considered that too much of script mess for too little gain.

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No  :-/

In general no, I am not too interested in frostfall or ineed as they are for what they provide when set against the trade off for extra load and possible compatibility issue.


If there can be a sexual related version of them then maybe, but it will need to be more than just a hindrance mod.

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I already use both the mods so I wouldn't mind  :angel:


But I don't use companions in general, so it would have to be very convincing to get me to use it.... and by convincing, I mean it would probably have to use whips and force me to acknowledge its superiority    :blush:

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