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NPCs wearing multiple sets of armor


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I seem to be having a problem with NPCs having several sets of armor when I loot them.  At this time, I'm not sure if the mob pops with the extra armor or if it is added on death.  

Any ideas where to look for the source of this problem?  My goal isn't to simply disable mods until it goes away but to fix the mod, or maybe merged patch to make the problem go away.  Thank you,

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You should probably read the forum advice "Read before posting".


By the way...


Maybe you have a mod that rework all the equipment for specific npc...


I guess that the problem occur especially with bandits and other humans character (also because they're the only that wear armor), and not that you find armors even on the trolls etc...


So the question is: have you any mod that equip custom armor to the npc? or a rebalanced something that rework the npc equipment?


I don't know, some Overhaul... or maybe the Hwtw script for applying single piece of armor?


I would start with those...


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As I said above, I'm not looking for change your load order/disable x mod or the usual advice.  I want to fix the files themselves.  Load order, papyrus logs, all of that is non applicable.  ergo posting them detracts from my question, because every person that replys will be giving "change your load order to xx" advice instead of giving me Tes5edit advice.


So to be more clear: If there are two or more mods that equip an NPC, such as bandit, with fur armor so that the bandit ends up with multiple sets of armor.  Where in TES5Edit or the creation kit can I fix the problem.  Again, I want to learn how to fix the problem, not a workaround.

For example:

In Tes5Edit  I have an entry for Leveled Item "ArmorHideSet" that looks like this:

                                              SKYRIM.esm                                                                                 LLI.esp

Leveled List Entries               Armor Hide Boots

                                              ArmorHideCuirass                                                                        ArmorHideCuirass


                                              ArmorHideHelmet                                                                         ArmorHideHelmet




Would the above entry result in a Bandit with 2 boots and 2 gauntlets?   Or does the problem lie somewhere else?

Lootification.esm adds 3 keywords to many armors but RCOTS-Armorpack(english) only has 4 keywords.  Ex:




So the above are three keywords being dropped for one variant of Fur armor.  Lootification is a master so maybe I'll have to merge to fix this problem.


In SubCharBandit01Melee1HTank entry for Skyrim.esm There are 11 entriel on the leveled NPC list.  There are two instances of these specific references






Note only male characters are doubled.  So maybe 1 NPC is getting doubled armor due to the duplicate entry here.


Anyway, My goal is to write a mod, so I need to understand how all this works together.  Thank you.



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