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Sexlabs yearbook of talents? Existing or yet to create?


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Is sexlabs organized in any way or that's just a hub for people to share about horny-Bethesda games?


More particulary, is there any organizational device/tools for people that wants to create and partake in the exploration of our 3D perversions?


Even more particulary, as the title says, is there some kind of digital yearbook? Something like a list :


- Forum name (we want to keep it anonymous)

- (optional) email adress

- List of skills with an associated level (Novice, operational, experienced, expert, legend), that could encompass :


  • Game Design
  • Screenwriting/CharacterDeveloppement/Dialoguewriting
  • CK User : Scripting (Quest and general scripting)
  • CK User : Level design (creating game spaces)
  • CK User : Characters creation
  • Animator
  • Textures creator
  • Meshes creator
  • Voice Acting
  • (Anything i could have forgotten)

- Availability : Couple words who describe the time you can share

- Time zone

- Time restrictions to be contacted : Can answer only at night? Only the week end? Only during holidays(which?)?

- Date of registration in the yearbook (to gauge if the information displayed are somewhat reliable)


Anyway, if there's no such thing, what do you think about creating one? Should I Start a thread for it to be created (with a request for sticky)? Because frankly if there's not one yet, it would boost the amount of complexity that we can create if we start colaborating in a more straightforward way. :) I for one search a proficient CK user but i don't know who to ask :)



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