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Immersive FP Camera


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I'm looking for a first person camera that I can use when my character is having sex, and I can see through their eyes.  Every one that I've tried doesn't seem to work at all.  I figure the ones on the Nexus aren't designed for Lovers Lab scenes.  Anyone have one for me?

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This one?  Doesnt work.  I see my face, not through my eyes, when I used it.


It does work. You can adjust the camera position in Immersive FP and place it right in front of your eyes and your head. However, if it's not far enough you may see certain parts of your face and/or your hair.


I use version 1.6 of it and as I said, it works, although only in some of the SL animations, and in others you face the opposite direction, for some reason.


I believe the newest version of it has a feature to "disable" your head. I think it basically changes the size of your head and makes it zero or something.

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