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OBSE syntax highlighting and autocomplete for Notepad++


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There are times where you want/need to open up some script(s) on a text editor, not the construction set or extender.

This is what I've been using for some time for such purposes.

Also useful when editing .ini files.


Highlighting is roughly similar to the default CSE settings for consistency's sake.

comments are foldable.

autocomplete is supported for CS/OBSE functions (not plugins)


ini example:



script example:




Don't expect anything too fancy like the real IntelliSense as in CSE. Use CSE if you're into a serious thing.

Notepad++ doesn't fully support case-insensitive autocompletion yet. You must at least start with an uppercase, but some basic commands/keywards are totally lowercase - such as "eval" or "return".



place "OBSE.xml" in your ..\plugins\APIs\ folder.

in the languages menu select "define your language.." and import the other xml file. You can delete this file afterwards.

don't forget to enable autocomplete in the preferences (both for functions and words - words autocompletion is needed for variables)




This was made with UDL2.1, and should be compatible with Notepad++ 6.3 or higher.

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