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broken 1st person camera


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Sorry for posting so much in the tech support section but getting the feeling that Oblivion doesn't like me. Just now uninstalled one mod cause I didn't like it plus I added 1-2 new ones and re-enabled a few others to reset them and all of a sudden my 1st person view is about 8-9 ft off the ground. None of them should have changed my PoV or anything.

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This occasionally happens. Some mods alter your skeletons intentionally and some are just sloppy mod adds.


I would reinstall your skeleton and you should be fine. To give more specific info I'd have to know your LO. I think you mentioned in another thread that you were running UV2. If so then grab this: http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=40482 That will restore your 1st person camera.

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That skeleton fixed my camera. installed the OMOD and it overwrote a previous skeleton. Probably the one that was required by one of the mods I installed earlier today. Thinking I should just stop looking or mods to install. Almost every time I add a mod a new problem crops up lol.

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Yea, that can happen. I tend to just download anything that catches my eye and put it in a "install later" folder and once I reach a point in the game that I am kinda finished up with quests or tasks and getting bored of things then I make a backup of my game and open up that folder to see what goodies are in there that I can break my game trying to install :)

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Kinda embarrassed to admit that I have several characters with 300+ hours each. Not really sure why the hell I kept them for so long or what all I did to have that many hours. :)


My current play through is much more reasonable at 57 hours and I am wrapping up the Shivering Isles.

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