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Blackreach Elevator Loops!

Guest Omega1084

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Guest Omega1084

I keep running into this bug it's freaking annoying!

I can't find a reliable solution anywhere either.

The best I've done is opening up the Favorites menu as soon as something loads up and holding it for a few seconds then sprinting forward to get away from the elevator.

That seems to fix it but very rarely and it takes a while to get it to work.

Does anyone have a solution to this bug? It's been 4 years now, there's gotta be something!

Blackreach is my favorite area of Skyrim[and its DLC] but this bug is bad enough that I don't wanna bother going there anymore unless it's necessary like for Septimus or the main questlines.


SuperEdit: Using "coc" to go elsewhere only helps a fraction of the time and since it keeps loading the same thing the autosaves are usually overtaken by pieces of the load loop.

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Guest Omega1084


Still get it.

At least my autosaves aren't been overwritten.

But then they don't have a purpose anyway.

Guess I'll have to disable autosaves every time I go near one of them darn elevators because I'm sure as fuffle not gonna turn them into normal doors >:|

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