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A formal request.


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None of the guides or files are out of date.


If your having problems with seams, that's a problem with the body and something you'd have to sort out with the body mods author.


As for getting NPC collisions to work without havok object the only alternative way I can think of is if you link the hdt collisions.xml to the female/male head.nif and then in CK rebuild all your npc faces. I do not know if this will carry over the NiExtraData to the naked in npc heads, but your welcome to try it.

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By Odin's dick.


Alright, i still don't quite know how i fixed it, but i started over again, manually installed everything because i'm pretty sure MO was neglecting some files, now everything's working perfectly. Boobs, butt, belly, all three B's are in the green complete with collisions, tested both with your HDT body and CT77.


Guess this call for help's gone out the window, instead i'll post my current setup so someone else can make use of it, sometime after i've un-burned-out myself on fixing this thing.



I swear to god that simple skeleton fix better not've been the single thing screwing me up for over 2 weeks.

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