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How to Change Model of Bound Bow?

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That is not easy, the bound spells are not scripted, they use "Magic effects" ( not visual effects, it is a  "Special script" )

You can not make new Magic effects with CS, you need OBME ( Oblivion Magic Extender ) to create new Magic effects. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/31981/?


You can change the model of the Bound Bow spell ( then all Bound Bow spells in game use the new model)

The bound bow use the daedric bow, but it have a own ID so you change not all daedric bows in game.

bound bow ID 0002627D

Change the model path to a Folder you want ( perhaps you new flaming bow )

post-3205-0-06214600-1406516392_thumb.jpg with Tes4Edit easy (picutue from german Oblivion: Gebundener Bogen = Bound Bow )

You can create a new esp/Mod that change the bound bow model path.


If you don't know how to do it tell me the model path you want ( I have a english Oblivion esm from modding if you don't want a german bow)


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In the cs on magic effects there are some unused editorIDs for bound(as it shows)

The bound weapon has two BW09 and BW10

you can edit one to your bow

i did the same for an armour

the spell


the settings


at assoc.item you put your bow

and the editorId you have to edit BW09



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