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Sexout randomly stops working

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So i've noticed sometimes Sexout will just stop working and not allow any sex. It'll provide the dialog, but nothing happens and i can still move around freely without any restrictions. This only happens rarely, but when it does i have to revert to an older save to fix it.. 


I tried doing player.getinv and deleting the tokens, but i didn't find any aside from a few debuggers. I also tried resurrect - which fucked up my character more xD


Anyone know what to do? This happens on ANY save - whether it's super clean, or not. 

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Gentlemen:  Load Order under spoilers, please.


@deadhead:  How do you know it's 601?  /curiosity

Went to do console commands and clicked one of the actors and entered in INV. It shows a list and shows which animation it is that is suppose to be playing.


I can get a screenshot if you need it.

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