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multiple mod stacking?


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Im brand new to skyrim mods and have been trying a ton of them the last few days with hit and miss results. some things worked, a lot of things didnt work the way they should. I find that i have a lot of questions now. like when i install various armor packs, where do those armors go? I never seem to find them in game.  Currently my skyrim mod organizer is a complete mess. I was wondering what the limitations are on stacking multiple mods and things.


is it possible to say, play a normal size fem sos character and have two elin companions that are non sos? while at the same time running sexlab and getting 'assaulted' when defeated by monsters/bandits in battle and hopefuly I can find some good combat mods to make the game more challenging with new gear?


any help would be greatly apreciated

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 like when i install various armor packs, where do those armors go? I never seem to find them in game. 

The Console is your friend. The button under "Esc" (default). 


Press it and the console show up. to access the newly installed armor you need to enter a command.



If you know the name of the armor you can write:

help "armor name with spaces".



help armornamewithoutspaces.


"Click" Enter "Click"


you will recive a list of objects. Use "Page Up", "Page Down" to scroll through the list.


All things ingame has it own 8-digit index code. Like an armor, quests, humanoids, conversations, etc, etc..


write: player.additem xxxxxxxx Y ( replace the x'es with the 8-digit index code of the armor)(replace the big Y with a quantity, like if you want 2 copies of the item. otherwise 1)


If you found the console now, you have a ton of new things to try!  :D


for example: Player.placeatme writeyourcharacternamehere 1 (you will have 2 of yourself. Have fun.)

or tm ( toggle menu )


you will learn! it's easy to learn.




I think mod organizer can handle an insane amount of mods but I'm not sure (4-digit I believe). 


I've also heard that the game engine itself has a limit around a few hundred.

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so for armors, would i be able to give it a command to give me the whole armor pack or do i have to type in the code for each and every piece?


Each and every single piece. sometimes the creator is clever and creates some sort of container with all pieces. they are marked with CONT in the console if I'm not mistaken.

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This is just scratching the surface, although I did make sure to include a few big ones I like to use. Heck, I could've spent another couple hours linking them! :o There is a big old pile of sexy/skimpy/cool armor, clothing and jewelry mods, most of which contain a lot of mix and match parts. (Most have containers to spawn with console commands!) You could create all kinds of armor mashups with a few of these sets, enough to stay busy for weeks or months. :lol: This is assuming you'd be using a UNP body (as that works great with SoS). Or maybe even using this updated UNP body with TBBP/HDT ready to go.




Here is another source for quite a few cool items.




And look around the downloads section here on LL. There is a lot of very cool stuff here.



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I got some armor packs working, the slave Leia ones are surprisingly good. i feel like there might be more variety with the cbbe instead of unp? what are those anyway, the skeletons?


-i cant get sexlab to work to save my life. when i use the spell on self,the main char just stands there,and the clothes fly off,and there is audio but animation, i have zaz installed. i must be doing something wrong.


-the faces are definitely still below what i was hoping for,how do they get glorious beauties like these: http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-453.html


-the sos with fem thing is hilariously buggy. if nude, and you jump,the balls seem to resist the physics of the the jump and just painfully stretch as if they were nailed to an invisible board. dunno if its worth using at all,since it only displays erections, and only when you are fully nude, and i dont even know if it affects the animations if i can ever get them working.

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The faces are a combination of things, mostly textures and using ECE for character creation. You have to try hard to make an ugly face using ECE and nice textures. :lol: Presets for ECE also make it easier by allowing you to load a face already made then make some tweaks to personalize/customize it.

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