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UNP/B & Better Males Faces/SOS Neck Seams


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Hey guys!


I just recently started modding my Skyrim in preparation for getting a new PC so I'd be somewhat prepared mod-wise aside from ENB. (Current comp can barely handle what I have now. Lol) In doing this I've used the STEP Project guide which made this whole new to modding thing so much easier for me. Lol Not to mention that Mod Organizer is super easy to use with Wrye Bash and LOOT.


As far as my issue goes, I'm getting some annoying neck seams on my character & NPC's... :/ I'm using UNPB (With UNP Shaved body instead of the UNPB body file.) for females, and as for males I'm using the Better Males Faces with SOS. (Issue still persists when using Better Males bodies.)


Images of the neck seams are attached below.


Also, here is my list of mods in order as they appear in Mod Organizer; (Only including mods that change character/npc aesthetics.)


Better Beast Races 2.00 Lite

Better Freckles

Cover Khajits

Female Vampires Have Fangs

Realistic Hair

Children Dirt Skin

SLF Hair - Rough Hair

Xenius Character Enhancement

Xenius Character Enhancement - Dawnguard


Better Males - Faces - Geonox Faces

Better Males - Underwear - Default (Disabled.)

Better Males - Genox - FlavoredSoulMeshes - Erect Version (Disabled.)

Natural Eyes

NoMaaM Breathing Idles BBB

Coverwomen Look 1-4 (1, 2, and 3 listed as redundant. Also installed UNP Seamless versions. Seamless Version 1 Overwrites & is overwritten. #4 and Seamless 4 are bother Overwiting and being overwritten.)


Normal Dawnguard Vampire Faces

No Sunken Face For Females

Apachii SkyHair 1.5

Apachii Helmet Wigs

Apachii Sky Hair Male

Apachii Sky Hair Female

DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance

CHSBHC Body Physics Mod 2.4 (Disabled.)

UNPB Body (Replaced body file with UNP shaved body.)

b3lisario UNPB Body

Sporty Blessed UNPB - Athletic Muscle Map

Sporty Sexy Sweat UNP

Real Girls Realistic Body Textures

Real Girls Realistic Body Textures Face Normal Map


Any help is greatly appreciated!






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Welp, may as well update this for anyone else who is wondering.


The Real Girls texture seems to exacerbate the innate UNP neck seam (Think it has one?) which is what's showing in my screenshots. It is considerably worse with the Real Girls Face Normal maps as well.


Also, whenever I un-equip my armor, with or without real girls or any other texture mod I get a slightly visible neck seam. Not sure whats causing it... Could be UNP, Breathing Idles, or Sexy Idles? Have yet to test. If anyone knows what causes that I'd greatly appreciate your input.


Also, I'm still working on the SOS/Better Males Seam. xD

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