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Help with non-playable items

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In one of my saves, my character has invisible, non-playable items in their inventory. I do not know what they, when they got there, or what mod they might be from. This is a bit of an issue because one or more has weight, and it adds up to 60 units. Is their an in game method to remove non-playable items from the inventory, or view a complete list of all items in an inventory? If not, what utility might allow me to find out what this item or items are?

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If do not know the Mod you can not make the items in the esp playable. OK use the console

Open console, click on your character ( you see his/her Name)

Then enter

getEquippedObject x

x is the Slot number, normally slot 0 to 22 ( can also be higher, I have a Mod that use 255. think 255 ist max)

16 and 17 are weapons

Check all Slot numbers till you find <no Name> objects. See also example Picture.


To unequip the item ( but it is still in the inventory )

unequipitem xxxxxxxx y

xxxxxxxxx is the ID number and y the amount


To remove/delete the item

removeitem xxxxxxxx y


post-3205-0-45592400-1405709842_thumb.jpg  example

I my example the <no Name> object in Slot 6 is a unplayable object. to remove it from the game: removeitem 9310a606 1


Edit: you can also try


removes all item from inventory. But no no-playable items, but only clothes and armors have no-playable flag, so I hope it removes no visible Misc items. ( Misc items does not use item Slots, so the upper method would not work )

So drop all your item (or put them in a chest) then open the console, click your character and enter removeallitems


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