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Queen's Blade MMORPG


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Queen's Blade! You all know of Queen's Blade right? Lots of scantly clad girls fighting with swords and magic, that tend to lead to much of their clothing (little that there is) being torn from them in the process? Well this is NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT. Or is it? I DONT KNOW!!!


I stumbled upon this just today and I have to say I'm really quite confused.

  • Its called Queen's Blade
  • You play as scantly clad girls.
  • You fight stuff.

Ok so that pretty much sounds like the Queen's Blade we all know and love. BUT! Its set in space...wat!? Or at least I think its in space. Everyone is dressed in futurey sci-fi outfits, or at least the few scraps of the outfits that they could find as what they are wearing seems to be barely hanging off their nipples.


Edit: Confirmed this game has no relation to the other Queen's Blade francise and just happens to share the same name...and theme...and, oh you get it already.


So looking at it, this pretty much looks like someone took Tera and combined it with PSO2's futurey looks and filled it with boobs. I'm not sure if its genius or madness. The gameplay that I've seen looks pretty generic for an mmo, but I'd probably just play it for the boobs, as I'm sure is pretty much the only reason anyone is playing it.


Its currently in a closed beta test.


>Official Website<


>English teaser website<






Character Trailer



Debute trailer



Someone playing the closed beta



Character creation



Most interestingly the game seems very adult orientated. Some of the outfits feature a bit of nipple slip, most notably the medic classes. And while skimming over the offical website there appears to be an adult section blocked off by a login. I dont know how far the adult content of the game goes, but it would certainly be interesting to know. ;)

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I find it odd that they took a Sci-Fi route with it. Grant it, Queens Blade a sbeen running far longer out East then it has in the West. The little bit we see otu here is only scratching t he surface, but I didnt think there was a Sci-Fi segment to the franchise. Maybe there isnt and they are doing something new.


Its more gimmick I think. Tits, ass and pretty explosions. I doubt we'd see it here in the west though. Too much skin. Here in the US esspecially, we'd rather show someones head explode in a plume of bloody goo before a naken person, male or female. Don't worry, I live here and I don't get it.


Anyway... as an MMO though, I wonder if they kept to the actually point of the Queens Blade competition or f its been watered down to a mildless XP grind with better eyecandy then other MMOs.

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"(Has) nothing to do with the anime"


Similiar names but I'm going to go with the statement from this article rather then make an assumption. Besides none of the QB stuff I looked through had any info or links on this game.


Either way the game looks EPIC. I'll have to decided between this and Tera online now though that mainly depends on if this game even comes to america.

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The only thing, what this has to do with Queen's Blade is only the title and the ecchi element and else ... don't see any connection to QB.

I like eyecandy but ... who knows if anyone else outsite the far east, will see it uncensored. Can't really believe that the EU and the US will let such a game into our hands, without crippling the armors with more parts.


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Yeah it seems to be nothing to do with the other Queen's Blade and just happens to use the same name. I wonder if that will cause copyright problems later...


I'm not expecting a full blown hentai game here, but the game is certainly being given adult sexual themes. I found a page with the pictures from the locked off adult section. They are risque sure, but still not quite bareing all with nipples still partially obscured by twinkling lights in most cases.



Also believe it or not, there has been an english teaser site for the game launched aswell. Will have to wait and see if they end up censoring the game in any way for western release.



I'm starting to think this thread should have been posted on the adult gaming section. XD

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Yeah i was reading the english teaser site isnt any sort of actual gauranteed release nor is it even in the works yet. Its more so there in order to acttract potential partners in business once those have been aquired then they will put an enlish version in the works. Lets hope the game gets pulled in by a company without shitty customer support... If it gets reeled lol

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Guest †Foggy♥Sugar†

I would be willing to give this a shot but... I don't understand this.


The characters look super cute and I love that, I especially love the Medic. I guess I could also point out when they are in their suit thingies, their bellies and chests are exposed... this confuses me but I guess it's more eye candy then anything although if I was the opponent, I'd just you know... spear their bellies or chests.


It looks like it is still in beta which kind of sucks. I'm interested but only because I LOOOOVE the anime Queen's Blade (I thought this was that anime in MMO but... I guess not?) but then again I love the look and the shiny shiny of the ladies in it. I don't know what PSO is or anything like that. Still, shiny skin always perks my interest. I have male hormones sometimes I think.

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Guest †Foggy♥Sugar†

I wouldn't mind giving it a shot but with the 90 or so games I play off and on I'm going to say it's gonna bore me really quick. The 'action' in the game is very one-two-one-two and it doesn't look promising at all when you watch game play. It looks more like something you get males to watch because - boobies. But if I want boobs I can A) Look Down or B) Look at my monitor.

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Guest †Foggy♥Sugar†

Not but you can in game with any position you can imagine just about, shiny breasts and bouncy asses with no "fill out the files here to get started!" hassle so why bother?

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Not but you can in game with any position you can imagine just about' date=' shiny breasts and bouncy asses with no "fill out the files here to get started!" hassle so why bother?



LOL! True.


After playing MMORPGs like Vindictus, it is so difficult to go back to a point and click style game. They can get so boring after a while.

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Guest †Foggy♥Sugar†

Oh Vindictus is awesome!


The style and combat is so different to anything I know of (I'm out of touch though honestly lol) it blew me away the first time I tried it. And the caster lady is supa-cute. (I love casters and healer classes)

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Yeah, that's the character I use. She is cute indeed. I had stopped playing it for a while and just recently updated it and got back on...The game got better. Boss raids with up to 24 players fighting the boss...so cool. And of course the nude mods and the armor system. I like the fact that your armor deteriorates and can break off bit by bit. I prefer that than running around completely naked... But that's a different thread...

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