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What antispam/bot tool LL uses?


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This is pretty much a question for Web dev's of LL or any dev if you have an idea =o


it's getting me on a rage mode level thats not very healthy

i am having this insanely annoying chinese bot on my site..

he been roaming around for 2 days posting hundreads of message a day...

His account is somehow from Kansas city but he is posting korean or chinese on my site

And is flooding my pages slowing down my website by spamming refresh

at first i was simply trying has much has i can to ban all his ip's ranges

But now....

He creates account spam the fk out of my forum and then deletes his accounts so i cannot trace him...

and i am stuck deleting message 1 by 1 since i cannot delete the user..

I have an approval system but... this could take me years to approve real actual people if i put it in

i added captcha's and email verification all failed..


When nexus banned me back then..it was more then my Ip think they banned my IPv4

Even with a new ip and a vpn i couldnt log in at all, how did they do this?


Or what kind of tolls you guys use on LL ?

I never seen a forum spammed in here so =o


i already have advanced Ip codes

Wouldnt there be a code maybe to prevent them from being able to enter any kind of posts until they i dunno add an avatar or edit Profile?

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When nexus banned me back then..it was more then my Ip think they banned my IPv4

Even with a new ip and a vpn i couldnt log in at all, how did they do this?

Ok, well first when people mean an ip address, they almost always mean an ipv4 address. e.g.

The alternative is ipv6, which looks rather like a mac address on steroids (google if interested), which in my opinion is a lot to do with why they have so little traction in the real world. Mac addresses by the way are none routable so useless for such purposes. Forget about them. As useless as NETBUI, banyan vines, token ring or ipx/spx. (Never heard of them? There's a reason for that).


How did nexus ban you? Well contrary to popular belief, banning by ip is a lot harder and less useful than you think, despite holywood and bad cop shows. Partly this is because of forward proxies, but mostly because many people have dynamic ips. Banning a dynamic ip is really silly. My guess is they do it via a cooky. Most people do not control the cookies that get placed on their machine and never clean them out. Alternatively there are browser objects of various types (such as flash) that can be loaded onto a client. In both cases, the expiry dates can be silly, such as 2035 or there abouts, so never expire.

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ya he was using dynamic ip and yesterday even if i banned most of his IP ranges he attacked using 50 bots so ...


but i included a harder Registration anti spam code Box and added e-mail verification on registration and that seemed to have prevented him from registering and spamming

So a success i guess =o

he was able to Bypass the default ones that comes with my forum host so coded a new one in

Hopefully this did the trick and hes going to tired out of spamming my site one day

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