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Unique Vampire Eyes


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Okay this a very minor issue but it's driving me bonkers so i figure i'll just ask here.


All i want is my character to have unique eyes unlike all of the Vampire-NPCs out there.


I know i can change the eyes by simply replacing eyevampire.dds but then it obviously affects every Vampire beside the Harkon-Family. I know i can do it by playing a custom Race but that often leads to so many problems and conflicts with other mods that i don't bother with a custom race if it can be avoided.


Going into Showracemenu and setting the Eyes manually obviously works, but it resets back to Vanilla-Eyes as soon as i load or leave game or whathaveyou.


So tl;dr: How in the world can i have my Vanilla-Race to have a unique Eye-Texture?

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