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Lovers Born2 Help.

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Okay ,I got Born2 yesteday and for the life of me it doesn't seem to do anything. I set the pregnancy change to 100%, and I set the actual birth process to like....the absolute minimum, I think it totals 5 days.


I assumed after sex with a male, I'd get pregnant, but no messages come up, so I have no way of really knowing. I whored myself out to several characters, waited 5 days then nothing. I heard there is an NPC that tells you when your pregnant, but I can't find them. Someone on another site said Leyawiin, but I found noone. Any help would be appreciated.

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outside of bravil is new hut. there inside is a woman wondering around. other then that haven't tried it further due to many bugs.


Only When Hodoki get's here can he explain better, since he did the translation for that one.

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Bravil eh. Alright. I usually like to get the mods working before I continue playing the game, just to make sure its not the load order, from what I heard, that NPC tells you if your pregnant, so I'll just bring a male companion there and talk to her and whatnot.


Edit: Activated the mod at the nursery, problem is, when I gave birth, all it basically did was prompt a name, which changed MY name. No kid in site.

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This is al the info Hodoki gave about lovers born 2


Created By Hodoki When Hodoki gets here this post will be transferred to him.

LoversBorn2 English version or LBN2F2CHL


LoversBorn2 v1.01


For this mod works correctly you need OBSE 0019b or later


Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition [MBP++ 80 or Later]


if you do not have the mod get it here :arrow: MBP++ official site Use the google for translate the site.


and so, I have includes all the files for the mod to work.


But there could be more missing, but this is one of the mods i haven't really tested.

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Trust me it's MBP Brim i had the same problem you had' date=' you need MBP++ v0.9.0 the full version of it not the lite version otherwise Lovers born won't work correct.


Edit: The link to the site is http://narulivion.blog46.fc2.com/blog-entry-245.html scroll down till you find the newest version and download that. Will fix the problem you are having.


Alright. Hopefully I don't get that black eye problem I got with Beautiful people the first time I tried to install it. It wasn't the BLANK eyes that everyone seems to get, no, instead every characters eyes were black, was pretty disturbing looking, would go good with a halloween themed oblivion  ;D

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The black eye problem if i remember you can fix it by installing the lite version over the full version. I think that or i didn't update the esps from the lite version can't remember which one i did. But it fixed it, hopefully you don't get that problem but just incase ;)

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On the japanese wiki have they replaced Lovers born with something else?


They have deleted the link of lovers born and lovers born 2 and placed TomagoClub and Hyokoclub.


LoversTamagoClub.esp v1.02a DL Simulate the mechanism of pregnancy OBSE19b more required

HiyokoClub.esm v1.03 DL Mod for delivery TamagoClub OBSE19b, TamagoClub v1.01 or higher required


The strange part is this site is constantly updated with newest plug-ins. There is no longer any reference to lovers born and born 2.

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I think is is more then that. Read-me just doesn't make any sense. But from the scripts i translated they fully integrated lovers born system in it. so that is why it is not even needed.


It may not even work correctly if you have both lovers born and TomagoClub installed.

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TomagoClub is separate. Hyoko. is not even translated yet. since i wanted to check if TomagoClub is stable enough.


Hyoko needs TomagoClub.esm but TomagoClub don't need Hyoko.

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I have beautiful people working fully from what I can gather, but the kids are still not showing up and its only changing my name. I even let the black eyed beautiful people run itself, still only changes my name and doesn't make an children.


I might just switch to TomagaClub if it is any easier to use.


Edit: I just realized something, might it be that I'm using a race that isn't in it? I'll just use a default character, a generic imperial, and see what happens.

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Maybe not working well with other custom mods. Also strange why japan wiki removed any link to lovers born.


Maybe because it's outdated or they incorporated it in the TomagoClub mod.


Edit: And it would be nice to have a little description about what TomagoClub actually does. I installed it, got 1 new spell and one new item in the inventory. The spell seems to be about telling you the different setting the mod currently runs and the item seems to be about whether you character can get pregnant or not. However, since it is all written in japanese I really don't know what to do. Haven't had a crash btw.


Edit²: Seems that the original file came with a setbody.esp. I think you need some other ressources to use that mod properly since it doesn't contain any textures or meshes. My guess would be you need at least a pregnant body mod that is compatible.


Edit³: In the inventory of female characters spawns an ovum every so often, seems like TomagoClub simulates the female menstrual cycle. You can ask female NPCs about their current state, they will say either it is safe to have sex, they have their menstruation or that sex may result in pregnancy. The ovum only "survives" in the inventory for so long, so does the sperm that female characters get added in their inventory after sex. If there is an ovum and a sperm in the inventory the female will get impregnated (I think). However, the fertilised ovum disappeared after a few days from the inventory. Don't know what happened there. :/

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Hello everybody, i am new here, but i'd like to help.


First of all, it is TAMAGOclub (not Tomago) Tamago=Egg (like in female egg). What it does is indeed simulate a menstrual cycle. But even more than that, it allows you to impregnate yourself (or NPCs). when you use xLovers to have sex, you get sperm added. It checks if you have an Ovum in your inventory (meaning you are fertile). It gives sperm a life time of 2 days, in those days, if you have sperm and ovum in your inventory, there is a chance of fertilization. More sperm also means a higher chance of fertilization. You can even do in vitro with the addon Tamago Shop, or get NPCs pregnant with a third party child (like Nicole Kidman ;) if you pickpocket the fertilized egg into another NPC.


Since this is still very much a beta mod, there is no INI yet, but the scripts are set up like ini files. So eventually it can be changed how likely the chances are and even if creatures will be able to get pregnant.


The fertilized Ovum dies off if you have not Hiyoko Club also installed (that is the birthing part of the mod)


TamagoClub indeed supercedes LoversBorn2, as it is a more complete system and even allows cross polination to an extent (it tries to take traits from both parents to create the child). However there is no real pregnant belly system yet, that is what the TamagoSetBody addon is there for.


Tamago News is for you to receive news when NPCs get pregnant. Tamago Confide is that if you get an NPC pregnant and you are close to them they will tell you. TamagoBreak is that there is risk when you do heavy activity that the fertilized egg or fetus will die (like when you get much damage in combat). LoversEncounter simulates other NPCs all over having sex and getting pregnant.


HiyokoClub is the actual Child birthing mod (although there is no animation like in Loversborn yet). It determines how the child will look and how it is named.


Remember that both mods are in heavy developement and updates will be coming quickly.

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