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[added video] I've customized a great showcase. I'd like to remake the orig mod, but would need some script guidance if anyone is willing.

Monsto Brukes

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I started with: Portable OnDemand Disposable Unlimited Mannequins SPODUM by SLuckyD it's a good general mod, but out of the box it's not what we'd want.


Video on DailyMotion


The author chose to use names for things like animation choices that weren't the actual names of the animation. what he calls "pounding floor" in the menu is the Aretino Boy (Dark Brotherhood entry quest kid) despair animation. I replaced that anim with the walking animation.


The author also chose to use custom figures for his mannequins. It took some digging, but I managed to replace a number of his with chars of my own. 


The end result is a "living", controllable mannequin that treadmills in whatever outfit I give it.





I have a couple things I'd like to do to make it more useful, then release the result.


1) Use game NPCs (housecarls, Jarls, faction members, certain citizens) for the mannequins.

2) Give a wider range of animations for activity choices (sneak, run, smith... swim lol)

3) Fix the base so that it works as intended. Currently, you can hide the base, which only makes it invisible. If you put the mannequin on say the 2nd floor of breezehome, you'll be bumping into the invisible base on the ground floor. 

4) Add disembodied light choices to hilite the mannequin.

10) (10 means way down the road) have a 1' tall option that can be put on a tabletop. 


The problem I have is I've not worked with papyrus. Webdev is my dayjob, so it's not foreign to me, I've just had a bit of a time wrapping my head around the methodology . . . so if anyone knows of decent tutes for papyrus intro (the wiki aint much help) I'm all ears. 


Anyway . . .  that's the thought.

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