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Need a UV Master for new High Poly Khajit heads


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So I've been fiddling around with Mudbox and 3dsMAx and made some nice new higher poly and cleaner topological meshes for Khajit heads.

I'm planning on integrating it into my Citrus Head mod found here on LL (in the non-adult section)


While using trickery and subdividing to the 1 million vertex count and using projection modifiers and custom cages, I have been able to copy over (for the most part) vanilla UV's to the new head, it is not the best UV transfer there could be and there are slight seams around the edges of the ears and a little nick in the back of the kahjit head.


I am hoping to seek the help of a talented UV-fu master to help me patch up these annoying issues and to finally have finished my CITRUS head mod for all vanilla head types.


Of course credit will be given.


Attached below are the obj files exported out with Mudbox preset from 3dsmax.


Also, here are some new images of the head mesh with textures from Mr. Lenski's CoverKhajit textures.

All images rendered in Mudbox with full normal, diffuse and specular maps.







CITRUS Khajit Heads.rar

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