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HOW do I create a SCALING BODY for a custom race?


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I've installed a custom race and the scaling bodies only work for the vanilla races (along with the scaling outfits).

So I'm wondering how I would create the scaling body for this custom race I have installed so that the outfits also work for it?

BodySlide only sends the created bodies to a specific location that you can't really change unless you copy and paste.

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Well, basically you already said it - Bodyslide copies files to a specific location. That's usually "meshes/actors/character/character assets/femalebody_0.nif" and ".../femaleBody_1.nif". However, if you are using a custom race (i.e. Ygnord, Lovergirl...), then the game looks for their bodies in a different folder. This folder is usually included directly within the mod. So if you are using Mod Organizer, you can easily find that location by investigating the mod folder structure. You can also do that with a regular file explorer, but you may have to re-download the custom race mod, because the files get mixed in your Skyrim directory if you're not using MO, so that makes it difficult to identify which mod contributed which folder.


Anyways, once you have located the femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif files that are used by your race mod, do the following:

1) Run Bodyslide2, make any changes you wish.

2) Build the body

3) Locate the generated body file in the location stated above in your standard file explorer

4) Select both files (femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif) and copy them

5) Go to the location of the body meshes used by your mod

6) Perform a backup of these files.

7) Overwrite them with your Bodyslide2-generated meshes. Attention: if you backed up the mod meshes in step 6 by using copy-paste, you will have to copy the Bodyslide2-generated meshes again before pasting them into the mod directory, or nothing will happen ;)



Also, pro tip: If you are in Bodyslide2, you can HOLD down the control key on your keyboard while clicking on "generate bodies". This will cause bodyslide2 to drop the generated meshes directly into the bodyslide folder (instead of skyrim's meshes directory). You can do the same trick with "Batch Build", in which case it will bring up a dialog asking you where to save the meshes.



Important Note #1: custom race mods usually have custom skeleton files, too. If you are using BBP / HDT PE or something like that, you should also override the skeleton file in your race mod with Groovtama's Skeleton in order to avoid crashes.


Important Note #2: Perhaps your custom race mod is not using a CBBE-based body by default. In that case, you will want to override the body textures of the race mod as well with ones that are compatible with CBBE.



I hope this helps, I'm not entirely sure if I understood your question right, but I'm using a custom race mod alongside Bodyslide and this is what I do to make it work ;)







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