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Growlfs Body Resizing Mod


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As seen here:



If you haven't actually heard of this one, what it does is it modifies your skeleton with a script to make your body different sizes (similarly to vorb, with the same basic system as vip's high heels)


Now, of course, the difference between this and setbody, for example, is that it modifies the skeleton instead of just replacing the mesh, so it will effectively shape the armor or clothes the actor is wearing, and unlike vorb, it does not require specially modified equipment to be compatible. Additionally, you can change the different parts of the body independently, making one bigger and at the same time, the other smaller.


So, my question is... why doesn't an "autosetbody-esque" addon for this exist? Is it even possible? I would think it is just a matter of applying a script to an actor, even if it is one at a time.


Basically, my thought is that it is superior to setbody, obviously, and superior to vorb in the sense that it works with any armor... so I find it hard to believe that in this game, where there are literally mods FOR EVERYTHING... that this doesn't already exist. Why? Has it been tried and is there something that prevents it, or does it just take someone to go and do it individually to each npc (which, if that is the case... someone would have probably already done it).

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I actually figured this one out.


The size changes are just different idle animations. Two of them, one changes the breast shape/size in various ways (30 options total) and one changes the legs/feet (15 options total).


All you have to do is add them to animation tokens (http://cs.elderscrolls.com/index.php/Forcing_Idle_Animations) then just give them to npcs as non-playable items, and bam.

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Here is a modder's resource for aforementioned:


It requires Growlf's Universal Total Controllable Skeleton, and the animations from his body resizing mod.


This simply adds a token for each animation, and a token for "blank" animation.


All you do, is add the tokens to a leveled item list, then add it to a NPC in CS. They will then randomly have a breast size. Additionally, you can add a larger proportion of smaller sizes to larger to the list to make "bombshells" less common and more realistic.


The other thing is the leg sizes, there are 3 additional lengths, littlelonger, longer, and super long. They include various foot position for high heels, so when making that leveled list, you probably just want the ones labeled as feetnormal otherwise it might look odd (I think).


You could also create varied lists to restrict sizes (like, say, if you wanted a race to only have smaller breasts). As far as I know, there is no option to modify waist size (unless someone makes an animation for it).



The only drawback is that you have to manually add it to every (female) npc to the construction set. But for those who want it...




(TL;DR) If you want to just activate this for "ZOMG BIGGER BUUUUUUBIES" it won't work. It is a modder's resource. (not challenging to implement, just tedious)

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I have just been adding them manually (it isn't as tedious as it sounds, I just open 100 female npcs in CS, and made a simple macro to click and drag a breast size item list into its inventory, then close it and the next one is behind and it can easily repeat)


First, no, I can't share it. I am adding it to all the npcs in all the mods I use, so it would have like 12 dependencies and would likely not be compatible with games other than my own.




My question is, could I not just make a script that automatically adds the leveled item list to any npcs inventory when they spawn? (Maybe only to female, but I think it wouldn't matter, a male body wouldn't have the breast armatures to modify, I think) That would make the mod universally available to everyone.


If so, could anyone tell me a script for something like that so I can add it to the mod and let everyone have variable bewbie sizes for all their npcs?

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In Neck Seam Concealers Expanded (from Khettienna' date=' not the original one from Luchaire), I think there's a script to give a pendant to each female npc on the fly (add to inventory + equip). Maybe this can help you.



Maybe (although I already manually added them to all npcs in my game).


They don't even have to be equipped, the token just has to be in the inventory, I'll check it out.

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guys,first,this seems like a great alternative to vorb


Second,why not ask the wyre folks for an addition that randomly allocates these body tokens or whatever to npcs ?


Third, can you change boob size with this?...and what body is it based on growlf?...finally will it only work with growlf clothing?

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wrong it does work, the only problem is that the resizing, it's incorrect as mentioned before and that after H, lovers seems to clear something...probably tokens,thus you lose the custom sizing choices


I've used it together with vorb as well a setbody...with vorb there is a problem as the other played around with the skeleton and or anims,resulting in the camera being set high,I found a solution in simply using the vorb skeletons and not the ones packed with the resizing mod.


Only other thing i have to say is that I'm not sure the sizing works with the clothing/armors ,the after H body thing seemed like a brick wall and I have not checked

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SetBody 2ch-Edition works with the original SetBody and its BBB expansion, http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=39966&navtag=file/images.php?id=39966&tab=3

With it you're able to apply any available body mesh to any npc or self via in-game menu. body types are sorted.

I use this in conjunction with Growlfs Body Resizing Mod to adjust leg lengths and foot angles (don't use the breast resizing options as they conflict)

These combined with SetScale 0.80 (or whatever number) you can get some really diverse body adjustments.


What i would really like would be for the leg resizing options to be included with SetBody as they would work better if combined.


Can someone combine SetBody 2ch-Edition with the leg resizing options from Growlfs? i'm still learning how to do this stuff properly and am still messing things up.

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I need to have a specific body installed to make this to work? Or any body is fine?


Nope' date=' no specific body mod is needed.



Awesome, gonna try messing with this.


Down side is, I have to use look here you. Since ill be using ragdoll bbb total controlable version, since its a requirement.

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