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Female Eventoned (Human) Voice Replacer

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This file replaces the default female eventoned voice. All of the voice files have been transposed up a fourth or so to make the voice sound much younger. This will change the voice files for most female player races (only human races), and a few NPCs (Lydia and other female housecarls most notably). If you don't want them changed as well, this is not for you. If you are sick of hearing what sounds like Rosie O'Donnell getting out of a hammock every time you get in a fight, however, then this IS for you.


I stumbled across this on some asian image/file dump site, but can't remember which one. I switched around a couple of the power attacks by renaming the files as they were all manner of horrible in their original state.


Also included is a set of sound files I hamfisted together that replace the default Draugr shouts so that instead of "fus ROOO DAAAHHH" and you get kicked out of your apartment, they just go "fus" and that's it. If you don't want those just delete the \crdraugrvoice\ directory from the included files before copying the rest over.




Q: Can you change the....?

A: Nope. I have not the tools. Found this on some site and shared it up is all.


Q: Why doesn't this work on my Elf?

A: Does not work on non-human races as they use other voice files.


Q: Can you change the....?

A: Seriously, no.

Female Eventoned Voice Replacer.7z

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This is the same mod' date=' I assume?



Frankly, I'm surprised Nexus still allows it to be up. Usually, they say it's under moderation and you'll never see it again.



Yeah, same mod, the original I dug out didn't have the little Draugr shout filename changes I made so I don't wake up the neighbors at 4 AM. Just pissed they cut the Rosie O'Donnell joke, that shit is GOLD.

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