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Breast and Butt collision just won't work for me

Mighty Legate

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Hey guys, it's me again.


Well I had some progress in getting Collision for breasts and butt to work but... In the end it still doesn't work.


I used the HDT Cbbe bodyslide to create the body and downloaded custom made xmls that add the collision. I also tried it with the havok object equipped, but there is STILL no collision at all...


What could cause this? :(


Thanks for any help in advance.

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Ok thanks. This is what it says. I left nothing out, this little text is ALL the log says:



[06/28/14 14:39:05]INFO: Queue OK
[06/28/14 14:39:05]INFO: System run with 8 threads
[06/28/14 14:39:05]INFO: Havok simulated world created.
[06/28/14 14:39:05]INFO: SKSEPlugin_Load
[06/28/14 14:40:10]INFO: Cell changed...
[06/28/14 14:40:10]INFO: Add character 00000014
[06/28/14 14:42:25]INFO: Physics system loaded : Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtm.xml
[06/28/14 14:43:14]INFO: Add character ff0010bd


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I managed to get it to work  following theses Instructions





1 - SKSE - Last version.

2 - TBBP skeleton - XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (Realistic Ragdolls and Force as pre-requisite).

Other skeletons will give weird results, even normal TBBP skeletons.

3 - HDT Body meshes (Blabba), UNP/UNPB BBP or whatever you want but TBBP/BBP compatible. For the Belly you will need a compatible bodyslide meshes, the ones from blabba has belly support.


If you want HDT Body:

1- Install this: BodySlide 2

2 - Overwrite with the contents of HDT BodySlide v1.4.7z

3 - Go to \skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide 2\ and run Bodyslide.exe

4 - Select HDT bodyslide CBBE or UNP as outfit/body and then select a preset

5 - Move the sliders to your tastes for low and high weight (you can preview the changes)

6 - Press "create bodies" and automatically you have the new body installed in your skyrim\data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\ folder.


4 - TBBP compatible animations like dragonfly ones or red3113 idle anims.

5 - Run FNIS.

5 - TBBP/BBP compatible armors/clothes.

6 - HDT Havok Object attached file, its the "HDT All In One v3.zip" file by "cpl2011" with hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml edited by me. I have also changed the HDT object body slot (48 Misc Slot) so dont conflict with some stockings and Elewin piercings for example.
hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll version: 14.28
If you want collisions on your character/followers you must equip the HDT Havok Object: equipitem xx00A0A0 (xx belongs to the .esp load order).
You can try to attach the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml to femalehead.nif but it seems it dont work on NPCs:

If you have a weird animation on breast collision when the hands reach them as stuck on high possition try to unequip and reequip HDT havok object (I have added it to favorites and linked to num 1 key to do it faster).
Conflicts between other HDT mods working at the same time on your character it is also possible, try to deactivate them.
Also, get the latest versions of HDT high heels and Racemenu if you have it.



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First of all, english is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistakes in advance :)

Secondly, I tried to make the collisions work for several days now, I finally realized that I am too old a coot and not tech savy enough to get it to work on my own.

I tried a lot of the different solutions and tipps from here.

After giving up and realizing that I installed, deleted, re-installed, re-deleted mods for a longer time than I have played in the last couple of days, I created an account to ask for help.

I have "HDT PE 14.28" installed, also "HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP BBP Supported - Loremonger - With collision".

Of course I have "Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE-", the Ragdoll-Mod, The XP32 Skeleton XPMS, Bodyslide 2.0

I made a CalienteBodyAdvanced TBBP preset.

I have jiggle while walking and jumping (when nude or in an outfit supporting TBBP, like the "Black Rose CBBE TBBP" one), even a bit too much jiggle for my taste, not sure how to reduce it though.

When my char is standing and breathing, the jiggle is there as well, but as soon as the sexy idle animation 01 starts, everything is firm and stiff....

I tried the different solutions, xml-Files, Havoc Object etc. Most of them crashed my game on loading a save game.

I removed them all again and am stuck at no collision.

HDT PE seems to load correctly, from what I can see.

I tried different orders installing XP32 Skeleton and Ragdoll and other skeleton files, tried copying downloaded skeletons into the data folders, ran FNIS every time and I am at my wits and (well, not much wits to start with, but since I am a slow learner and tried a lot of solutions, it took me a loooong time ^^)

There are several other Mods installed, that I guess might interfere with the collision, but I actually believe that it is something small and I am just too stupid to get it right

Maybe it is the load order for some of the Mods?

It would be great if anyone could help me get the collision working and the jiggle reduced a bit :)

Until then I will have to play with the jiggling and bouncing and no collision

Thanks in advance and for the patience to read through all this!

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