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zbf cuffs not working

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Hello, after updating Captured Dreams I found these cuffs are not available at the shop anymore. I find them in the console and can add them to the inventory. While the gags work fine weirdly the cuffs don't bind the arms anymore.


Not sure if I have a leftover script, Captured Dreams removed these items from their mod because of hassle in having it compatible or if I need the original mod.


They are all restraints with the prefix zbf and are less extravagant cuffs of rope, leather and chain I find quite fitting.


I fiddled around a lot with Devious Devices but apparently the items are there, they are just not sold or have their scripts work as desired...

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This cuffs are part of zaz animation pack not DD.


Ah thx, should ZAZ also solve the scripting part (binding arms behind back)? Because that part seems messed up (I find the meshes via help > additem in the console)? I was mainly confused because DD Dream shop originally had it but now in my install with the newest DD Dream shop no more and the items besides the gags can't be worn anymore.


I'll check my ZAZ install.

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