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Any known way to load overlay features from racemenu with ece?

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Simple question but something tells me not a easy thing to do. So my goals are just to load the overlays ability from racemenu onto a ece char gen. I prefer ece for a few reasons like being able to control my shield on back size so its so small i cant see it (using dual sheathe redux) also i can make better looking characters it seems with ece plus with ece my vampire character looks better race menu seems to fuck with the face makeup vanishes in general the face goes from looking good to looking like shit. Only feature of racemenu i like is the overlays I want tattoos but i dont want em on every single npc and I  want to beable to change them on the fly. As it is for me to do this I have to run unique characters but thats another esp and im running usually 250-254 active mods saving 1 slot for pinup poser which is only activated for screen shot sessions. For now im just going back to ece and redoing my main a vampire assassin again.

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Overlays are saved to the co-save. You cannot port the UI from RaceMenu to ECE (It's possible to port it by copying code and assets, but I'm sure as fuck not going to do it) so designing your tattoos in ECE is out of the question, but you can maintain your overlays from RM to ECE. All you need to do is first install the standalone version of NetImmerse Override (because the template meshes are loose files in this version), design the tattoos using RM, disable RM plugin, then design your character using ECE, you cannot go back without suffering from data loss or some form of facial corruption so to repeat this process but maintain your appearance you would need to save a slot using ECE beforehand.

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If im understanding this right i could load up with rm do up a char with focus on the overlay tats then save,quit ditch rm load cme and then console command the race menu then design my character? I always save my preset as is incase my game messes up or i decide to overhaul my mod list.

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