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[idea] A witness to the main quest / Dragonborn follower


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Here is something I would love to see someday. 


I'll leave the idea here in the open in case someone with less of a mod overload will feel inspired and maybe, make it happen :)


The main idea is in the title - what would it be like to only be a witness to the main quest.


Regardless how you start the game, some key scenes of the main quest will happen. Except you are not the main actor. Every time you witness a scene, there is that NPC involved, someone later known as Dragonborn.


Imagine walking by the South watchtower when it is under attack, or waking one day in Whiterun and find Ulric's army outside.


Not everything would have to be recreated. Only some key scenes and when the Player is in the right place.


Since so many things are attached to the player, an alternative to this scenario would be the second part of the title - meet Dragonborn as a follower and have parts of the main quest unfold ONLY when Dragonborn is with you.


One could even imagine having Dragonborn leave you from time to time to complete certain parts of the quest or because he/she has better things to do, such as going to see the Greybeards or be off to Sovengarde (especially if you spend too much time between certain time sensitive parts of the main quest).




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Seems like it's completely possible. Look at Neloth from Dragonborn, he had a similar thing. It'd just be a matter of setting him to "Move To" certain points at certain times, then triggering certain scenes there. I'm not into scripting so I've no idea the complexity of that, but I assume it shouldn't be too hard.

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