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Help With Body Replacer


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I was wondering if there was a teenish body replacer with normal sized butt, and boobs. Im not looking for something like Hirez type 3 from nexus (I dont like how the boobs look with that white skin) Im looking for something with perfect sized boobs for like a very beautiful teen. Also IDK if its my game but my fem butt is very big and makes her look like older. And sometimes like it looks wierd. Im gonna start a new game planning to role play a teen girl, But I cant find the body replacer that could fit what Im looking for. So if someone knows where to find a good body replacer like the one im looking for please let me know and put a link,



Please after posting a comment like go out side get a girlfriend and a job, Im 19 years old, still doing college, I work with my grandfather, I have a beautiful girlfriend, and ofcourse Im not a pedophile. When teen im talking about a beautiful sized teen body of like 18-20 years old. I do like to have a big butt in my monitor but it does not fit what Im trying to do.


Im using the best body replacer ever but the butt is too big, and you cant imagine how many times Ive used AP, sexout with it.




Kendo work is amazing but the butt is too big as I said.


I will try to upload some screenies my inthernet is very slow atm sorry and thanks alot









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Ohh damm I checked the screenies right now and I saw it was perfect size, I changed my resolution and it looks perfect now. It was my resolution causing the problem, please forgive me for my post, but still I would be glad to see if there is a teenish body replacer

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