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Unable to enter Falkreath...during the day


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So whenever I try to enter Falkreath during the day the game immediately crashes, I can be there at night without any issue though, which confuses me. I've tried waiting in the city, crashes, walking up to it during the day, it crashes, fast traveling to the city, crashes.  maybe some NPC's AI scripting is fucked or something??? Any help is appreciated >.<


Edit: I tried starting a new game and going there and the same thing happens

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if it's a mod/script related problem, you can try the dichotomy method to find the problematic mod :

Deactivate half of your mods

Try to replicate the issue

If you still crash, deactivate half of the remaining mods

If you don't crash, activate half of the mods you just deactivated

Repeat until the problematic mod has been isolated.

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