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[FNV] Problem getting Type 3 body & BnB to working together


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As the title suggest, I am having some issues getting the Type 3 (Cali) body mod created by Dimionized and the BnB mod found at http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35047/?. to work at the same time and could use alittle help. The problem I seem to be having is that when I install the BNB mod (only the meshes folder not the entire mod) it ask me to overwrite the femaleupperbody.nif file that was installed by the Type 3 body replacer, and load the game. The breast do bounce but they look really weird (see attached screenshot) and they are much larger than the normal CALI breast which I would prefer to use.


If I choose not to overight the femaleupperbody.nif file then the body in game looks like the normal CALI body that I am use to, but ofcourse there is no bouncing effect so I am not sure eactly how I am supposed to get these to mods working at the same time and any help would be appreicated.


Note: I am not sure where I actually downloaded the Type 3 body mod  file from since I have had it for a long time but the name of the archive is:


Dimonized Type 3 Body Replacer -auto installer for NMM-54438-1.7z


Additionally, I tried using the Compatability Skeleton mod found at http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45229/? and it did not help.


Lastly, The only other body / race / mod that I am using is the Mojave Delight for Type 3 found at http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44312/? but I am not sure if that would matter or not.


Anyway as I said I would really appreciate some assitance so i can get both of these mods working at the same time without any issues and thanks for your time in advance.




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Thanks for the reply, but now this leaves more questions which I hope someone can answer which are.


1.) If I install this mod do I still need the BNB mod (atleast the mesh folder stuff) ?

2.) Do I have install any other mod for this to work with it because apparently it appears to be part of a bigger mod which i don't want to use?

3.) The file in the archive is named "femaleupperbodyT3_Cali_Bouncing.nif" where do I place this file?

4.) Do I need to rename the file to just feamaleupperbody.nif or should I leave it named as it is "femaleupperbodyT3_Cali_Bouncing.nif" ?




I answered all the questions above myself by testing it out and it appaers that my assumptions were correct which are:


A1.) Yes

A2.) No

A3.) Replace the one that came with the BNB mod and place it where the BNB mod would place it.

A4.) Yes, it needs to be renamed to femaleupperbody.nif


Anyway, it looks like I have it working now and thx for the help.




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