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Question for experienced weight painter.

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I had a problem with alot of stretching where I didnt want any, so i copied the weights from a vanilla mesh so I wouldnt get any stretching or movement at all and I copied the weights from the body that i used for the rest of the meshes.One other mesh is weighted to the body and that same vanilla mesh. Works great ingame but i have not considered the weight slider support yet since i didn't create my _0 mesh yet.


Now my question is...will the way that I weighted the mesh  cause problems when i create the _0 mesh for the weight slider?I know about the meshes needing to be identical in size, vert counts and faces. I parented all of the meshes to the same skeleton.

 I use blender so any mention of 3ds max will be like trying to learn a foreign language for me =P

 I hope this made sense.

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