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Downloads : the download section for this file says the size is 0bytes because it doesn't know,the file size is 63MB(mega bytes) and the mirror is a working download link,i uploaded it on that mirror because its faster than loverslab, (for me at least,it takes eons to download files uploaded in here) however im currently uploading it to loverslab as well.(it might take some time)

Don't forget to download the patch ! or you won't see gauntlets in the game !


Summary : a retexture and a remesh of the inquisitor armor set,im open to positive suggestions and feedback.This is still in early beta and i plan to improve it as much as i can hopefully with the help of seasoned modders,mod users and all other members of the modding comunity alike,i would very much appreciate positive feedback and constructive ideas in any field.


Instalation : just put the data folder in your skyrim instalation directory

-i've included an optional folder with all kinds of optional things such as engraving removals etc...

-the textures are 4096x4096 mostly so it might cause a slight pause when you equip the sword for example


Important Note : This is a standalone set and will work by itself,it does not require anything else.

-however,it will retexture the following,if installed after them :

la vallete gauntlets(you can use adenian gauntlets they look exactly like the la valette gauntlets)

ice sword(from game of throens armor compilation mod)

inquisitor heavy plate armor(from the inquisitor armor set,it only retextures one armor set not all of them)

talos cape(from cloaks of skyrim)


How to get it :

can be forged under the ebony section in any forge troughout skyrim,vendors might end up having it on sale as well.


A Request :

i don't have anyone to showcase this set for me,if any fellow screenshot artist is willing to showcase this set for me,they would very much have my gradidute.


Future plans :

-pretty much the reason this mod is still in early beta is because i wanted to improve it as much as i could before i released it,this is where you come in,with your help i'd like to improve it as much as possible before its release since im beggining to run low on ideas.

-change the Set's name from Grand Imperium to Divinity Weapons and Armor set upon its release.


On a personal note.....:

back when i first started this (around one week ago) i asked a rather seasoned senior modder whom i respected if i could use his dawnguard paladin gloves in my mod as a standalone,he said i should throw away my garbage,and that he wouldn't let my still in early alpha mod was ugly.im sure you can tell that he wasn't very encouraing,i asked him if he was upset or something and he was pushing his frustration into me,he told me no no no no don't get the wrong idea im not being a jerk your pile of crap is simply too ugly......by continuing my modding adventure i now feel like i've proven him wrong,hopefully thats the case.


Permissions :

you can use my stuff in whatever you like (it would be nice if you credited me,authors deserve at least that much)....i owe this attitude and free way of thinking to people like KnelTotenschwur and Lordofwar,i got tons of respect for people like them.




made by : antigirl222

Email : antigirl222@gmx.us


tools used :



creation kit


credits :

devinpatterson(AGOT sword of ice,permission was required and granted)

lordofwar(witcher assets)

KnelTotenschwur(inquisiotr armor set meshes(permission was required and granted)

Nikinoodles(cloaks of skyrim assets,permission was granted on the mod page by author)

oregano(feedback,helped with lots of clipping fixes,lots of great ideas)


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have the weapon marked as silver so it can be used to kill undead i use a mod that makes undead get back up unless they are killed with silver weapons just a suggestion ^^


also does it fit female chars if so try to make it fit body slide 2


and i find the design interesting will be watching it.

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Sure ! great idea.but i'll have to add a silver version while keeping the non-silver version,because you can't enchant a silver sword after all.


Edit : only male for now,unless i get at least 100 requests to make it female,since it doesn't have female meshes to begin with......

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Looks really neat. Kind of has a Templar look to it, which is awesome.


Nice work. :)


thanks,thats rather heart-warming to hear,its here for improvement so im open to suggestions,i've alredy added Silver Sword effected version of the sword since that suggestion seemed reasonble considering the sword is silver-made,was hoping for more suggestions tough......1 suggestion in over 1500 views....rather disappointing.

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Well as for a suggestion, sticking with the whole Templar idea, maybe offer a variation that is more of a white silver with a colored skirt? Maybe a tabard drapped over the front and back? Almost Paladin like in a way.


i really don't think im skilled enough to pull off something like that......

altough i might be able to add the sword on the chestplate......i can do the tabard but i don't know what to paint on it.....haven't the slightest clue.

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In pic 5 if you can put slits from ankle to waist with each slit 6 or so inches apart from each other and add simple hdt to it while still having the design on it or put a smaller design it each piece, Then with each piece have a thin somewhat shiny metal outline on the edges. In pic 7 slightly darken the hilt/handle/guard whatever you want to call it, then replace the silver/steel look with a black metal look with a white line down the middle or a white with a black line down the middle.

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