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Black Warpaint

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So I been searching for a long time now on this issue, but have yet to come up with a solution to getting the warpaint textures a black. Is this a problem only with the RaceMenu or does ECE also have this issue? The colour seems to go brown for me and never gets any darker, I have tried switching to a custom race, but have had no luck. Just curious to see if there have been any updates on this issue.

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It's a warpaint problem as far as i know. If you could move the warpaints to the new face overlay section of RaceMenu you could easily make it black as well as glow. Wish i had any inkling on how to do that.

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So I can actually can get black warpaint on flesh colored skin tones, but I still cannot get a dark black on anything that has a blue coloration. Just thought I would add this to the discussion.

Has making the warpaints less 'transparent' solved the problem? You will have to edit the textures yourself of course.

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