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Looking For A Book

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I'am looking for a book in Skyrim about summoning the Daedra. And no, I'm not talking about the ones that let you summon them, but more in the way of the research of how it all begun. Who was the first one, how did he do it, what kind of shitstorm did he caused etc etc.

(if such book even exist)


If possible, a location would be nice. No need to be the exact location thou, but just a ruin, cave, house and so on.


Thanks in advance!




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Well, even though I neither know about such a book and never heard of any information regarding that I still could try to do some research and write a book about this topic myself for you.

My Books of Skyrim could need a new book anyway.

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Just as you, I have never come across any information regarding this. I know there is similar book, but the difference (if I recall it correctly) is,

that one man did summon a Daedra, (could had been the very first attempted summoning) but they just sat down a talked.

I think they talked about all the different Daedras. It was just some kind of research, to get a better understanding for them.


That's all I can remember for now anyway.


Even thou it's very kind of you, there is no need to do extra research. I can always Google it.

I just wanted to know if there is a book ingame, so my character could read it.

It's just for the purpose of RP.

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I haven't checked my common sites regarding TES lore about this yet, so maybe there still are informations on that out there. And if you'D want me to provide such a book to you I'd need to do the research anyway before making anything up that would make sense.

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