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Fairy Tail Mod


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[Project in progress] [updated]

I have been very busy lately.. though I will not give up on the this project.

(scroll down for update photos)
Hello to everyone who plays Skyrim. 


This topic we are going to talk about is Fairy Tail. This mod will bring the life of Fairy Tail anime into Skyrim where you can do jobs and help each one of the guild members out.


To become a Fairy Tail guild member, you must talk to Makarov to get the quest that tells you to kill the Last Vulcan.


This mod will contain...



Makarov Dreyar -- Neutral guild master
Laxus Dreyar -- Follower
Erza Scarlet -- Follower
Natsu Dragneel -- Follower
Gray Fullbuster -- Follower
Lucy Heartfilia -- Follower
Mirajane Strauss -- Barkeeper
Gajeel Redfox -- Follower
Elfman Strauss -- Follower
Wendy Marvell 
And of course a ghost "Mavis Vermilion"
Characters/followers skill/weapon info:
Erza: Sword
Natsu: Fire hands with fire shout
Gray: Ice hands with ice shout( freeze enemies )
Lucy: Conjour/summoning
Gajeel: TBD
Wendy: Healing Magic with a unrelenting force shout (air dragon)
P.S. I know there is a lot of followers but that will be change soon.
Each single NPC will have a quest you can do to help them for a nice reward :smile:.
Sound tracks:
Main menu - Fairy Tail Theme
FTGuildhall - Fairy Tail Slow theme
Battles against dragons - Dragon slayer theme
More to come
Future Plans
Add Fairy Tail items/textures/emblem
Add more sound track into skyrim
Add Fairy Tail dorm
Add merchant npc
Add Spells and shout

5/11/2014 - Remodel the whole building/added npc/fixed navmesh (p.s. Sorry for the long update, have been very busy lately and I am working on this project alone.) Attachment #0 was how it use to look.
5/13/2014 : Added Fairy Tail logo banners. Fixed the look on the outside the building. Changed the building's location to outside of Whiterun

UPDATE Photo ##

5/11/2014 : 1,2,3,4,5 in the attachments
5/13/2014 : 6, 7, 8, 9 in the attachments












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I hope this works out been a lurker on this project and a few others on various sites and finally decided i should comment on them to people. Anyhow I Love the concept and your screen shots I hope you get this up and ill be waiting to download and enjoy it. Long time fan of the show so seeing this made me smile. Good luck and i will be lurking :P in a totally non creepy way.

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